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Financial statements

We keep a close eye on investment performance and spending and we’re transparent about what it costs to run CareSuper successfully for members.

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Area Spend ($)
Trustee, staff and related costs $16,763,306.32
Office expenses $2,385,780.64
Professional services $1,860,010.92
Member and employer services $2,596,536.24
Fund promotion $5,401,239.83
Government charges $1,260,691.02
Member and employer costs $12,950,809.34

Dated as at 30 June 2019.

Annual financial statements

The information below is a summary of CareSuper’s financial statements for the last two years. Full financial statements and the auditor’s report are available here on our website.

Financial position as at 30 June 2019

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Investments 19,718,862 17,537,834
Cash and cash equivalents 45,955 62,731
Other assets 82,351 4,800
Liabilities 3,534,661 2,785,076
Net assets available for member benefits 16,312,507 14,820,289
Less: Member benefits 16,146,940 14,651,061
Net assets 165,567 169,228
General reserve 125,868 133,187
Operational risk reserve 39,699 36,041
Total equity 165,567 169,228

Income statement for the year ended 30 June 2019

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Investment income 1,107,716 1,460,146
Other income 1,217 4,547
Total revenue  1,108,933 1,464,693
Investments 67,754 36,802
Administration and operating 55,504 47,623
Total expenses 123,258 84,425
Income tax (expense)/benefit 17,396 108,710
Results after income tax 968,279 1,271,558
Less net benefits allocated to members 971,940 1,253,522
Operating result after income tax (3,661) 18,036

Changes in member benefits for the year ended 30 June 2019

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Opening balance of member benefits 14,651,061 12,896,855
Contributions 962,158 897,615
Transfers in 534,166 458,522
Net investment earnings 1,017,137 1,297,127
Insurance proceeds 82,464 82,485
Benefits paid 861,404 755,261
Administration and other fees 45,198 43,605
Insurance premiums 87,216 85,562
Tax 106,228 97,115
Closing balance of member benefits 16,146,940 14,651,061


Financial statements for both CareSuper (fund) and CARE Super Pty Ltd (trustee) are available on our website. For a printed copy of the financial statements, call us on 1300 360 149.

Information for members


We’ll listen to your concerns and investigate all enquiries and complaints to try and resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We’ll do our best to answer your complaint with a written response of the outcome within 90 days from receiving it or explain why we have been unable to complete the investigation within this timeframe.

Where we have been able to resolve it over the phone within five days, we generally won’t write to you unless you ask us to. Complaints can be made in writing, over the phone or electronically using the contact information in the ‘getting in touch’ section below or you can also use this contact form.

If you’re not satisfied with the response you receive from us, or you don’t receive a response from us at all, you can take the matter to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). AFCA is an independent and impartial ombudsman and is a free service.

Our low account balance policy

If you’re uncontactable or inactive, and you have a balance of less than $6000, your account may be transferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or to our eligible rollover fund, AUSfund. This happens around April and October each year. If your account is transferred, any insurance cover you have with CareSuper will end and you’ll no longer be a member of CareSuper. Different fees and costs apply to the eligible rollover fund, so please contact AUSfund for details.

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To update your details and see the last payment to your super login to MemberOnline.


During the year, there were important changes to insurance in super including the government passing the Protecting Your Super (PYS) package in February. At the same time, we made changes to our insurance offering, designed to help ensure our default cover matches the typical needs of our members at every age and that it remains equitable, affordable and fair over the long term.

While making these changes, we aligned our new insurance offering with the government’s PYS package (implemented 1 July 2019), and we were guided by the AIST Insurance in Superannuation Code of Practice (that we had already signed up to).

During the year, you would have received a letter or email from us (depending on your communications preferences) about our insurance changes.

Since the end of the 2018/19 financial year, the federal government has passed the Putting Members’ Interests First package (with amendments in September 2019). The package includes changes to insurance through super for members under 25 and those with low account balances. The legislation requires super funds to notify affected members of changes to their insurance arrangement by 1 December 2019. We’re working to ensure we’re in touch with members affected by this change by 1 December.

Visit these links for more information on:

Our insurance changes
FAQs on the Protecting your Super package


CareSuper is required to pay the super of former temporary residents to the ATO if it’s been more than six months since they departed Australia and their visa has expired or been cancelled. We rely on relief from ASIC to the effect that we are not obliged to notify or give an exit statement to a non-resident in these circumstances. Non-residents can apply to the Commissioner of Taxation to claim the unclaimed super. Visit for more information.

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