Our purpose, mission and values  

CareSuper is Australia’s largest industry super fund for professionals. We are driven by a clear and genuine purpose: we care about helping our members achieve their goals in life.

Over 30 years we have become the super fund of choice for professionally minded people, across all occupations and sectors, who want a high-performing fund that fits their needs and aspirations.

It’s our mission to maximise sustainable financial outcomes for members during and after their working lives. We take a long-term approach, actively seeking the right investment opportunities in Australia and overseas to create strategies that deliver superior long-term performance.  

Members’ interests are at the heart of everything we do and we’re constantly innovating to provide the best member experience. That’s why we offer a range of investment and insurance products to give members more choice and control. Plus, we make it easy for members to receive advice, when they need it, to make decisions about their futures.

SPIRIT is the backbone of CareSuper – it defines the values we believe in and how we behave. SPIRIT stands for service, professionalism, integrity, relationships, innovation and teamwork.

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