As you would expect, governance and risk are key priorities for CareSuper. We’ve established rigorous standards, policies and procedures to make sure all aspects of the Fund’s operations and investments are managed openly, honestly and according to the law.

The Trustee

The trustee of CareSuper (the Fund) is CARE Super Pty Ltd (the Trustee). The Trustee’s ABN is 91 006 670 060, and its Australian financial services licence number is 235226.

The Trustee has an indemnity insurance policy in place to protect its directors from potential costs of legal action. It is a Registered Superannuation Entity licensee, licence number L0000956, and is authorised to offer a MySuper product. Its MySuper identification number is 98172275725867.

The Trustee’s approach to managing the Fund is detailed in its governance policies and documents. These documents include, but are not limited to, the Fund’s Trust Deed, Board and Committee Charters and the Trustee Company’s Constitution. They outline the powers and responsibilities vested in the Trustee, as well as the rules for how the Trustee operates. This includes provisions for the appointment and removal of directors. The Board Charter outlines the principle functions, policies and operations of the CareSuper Board.

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Change to Constitution

In October 2017, we amended our Constitution to require voting rights of all Trustee directors to be equal, regardless of their status as a member- or employer- representative director, or non-representative (independent) director. This change was to align with the AIST Governance Code.

Privacy Policy

The Trustee updated the Fund’s privacy policy effective November 2017.

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CARE Super is a regulated superannuation fund under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth). The Trustee will continue to operate in accordance with all statutory requirements of superannuation, taxation and other relevant legislation.

Risk management framework

As part of our overall governance strategy, we’ve developed a risk management framework that covers risks across all operations. The framework is actively managed and reviewed by the Board and committees. The material risks covered by this framework include investment governance, liquidity, insurance, fraud, operations, strategy and outsourcing. In addition, ongoing monitoring includes a risk radar to identify any potential future risks.