What drives us?

Our purpose

Superannuation is intended to help deliver a better standard of living in retirement, by providing members with a reliable and sustainable income stream to either supplement or replace the Age Pension. The value of an individual’s income stream will depend on the contributions and investment returns they accumulate during their working life.

We focus on maximising the net benefit, which is derived from returns and fees and complemented by relevant product features and services (including advice), so that members can enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement.

Our values

SPIRIT is the backbone of CareSuper – it defines what we stand for and how we behave. The staff jointly devised our values of service, professionalism, integrity, relationships, innovation and teamwork.

At CareSuper, we are committed to delivering superior service and developing long-term relationships with our members and employers. We draw on our experience, integrity, teamwork and innovative approach to business when working with stakeholders to achieve common goals.

Our vision

To be widely recognised as a leading fund that delivers superior outcomes for professionally minded, aspirational people who value quality. We care for our members by protecting and enhancing their futures and creating a personal connection.

Our mission

CareSuper’s mission is to maximise financial outcomes for members during and after their working lives and to make super easy for employers. The Fund does this by:

  • Adopting sound investment principles to manage members’ funds
  • Offering choices of investment strategy to suit members’ differing objectives and risk profiles
  • Offering meaningful default insurance cover as well as the ability to apply for additional cover at competitive rates to meet members’ needs at various stages of their lives
  • Keeping operating costs low, thereby maintaining competitive administration costs to members and providing value for money in a transparent manner
  • Offering relevant pension products to provide an income in retirement
  • Maintaining a not-for-profit ethos and returning profits for members
  • Enhancing the value of a CareSuper membership by providing additional products and services for members through strategic partnerships
  • Committing to providing high quality customer service and ease of transacting for participating employers and members
  • Building trust and affinity with all members and stakeholders by communicating fully and clearly
  • Continuing to consider and introduce innovative investment, insurance and other benefit options, as well as education and communication programs.

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